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“Hunting Manor” is a unique and atmospheric place. Its main feature is the location, it is located next to the Catherine Palace and Alexandrovsky Park, 5 km from the ExpoForum exhibition center and 12 km from Pulkovo Airport. Conveniently! Is not it?

«Hunting Manor» was opened in 2009. Her main philosophy is to work with dedication and at a high level! It is famous for its unique hospitality and excellent cuisine, an extensive menu is striking in its diversity. Especially popular are lamb dishes. Juicy kebab, homemade dumplings, pork knuckle are amazing.

Undoubtedly, the house’s hit is the stone-grill, where you can cook meat or fish on a volcanic stone heated to 400 degrees with your own hands, while choosing the required degree of roasting!

Some few characteristic

About advantages of the restaurant in the city of Pushkin

  • Преимущество 1
    We are located 1 km from the palaces and parks of Pushkin
  • Преимущество 2
    No rental hall
  • Преимущество 3
    Alcoholic drinks with you (from 15 people) or at wholesale prices.
  • Преимущество 4
    Ample parking
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